September 20, 2019
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9 Months
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SEA1442, Maritime Tactical C3 Sub-program, is a multi-phased Program for the modernisation of maritime communications and enhanced meshed networking capability on RAN platforms and shore. SEA1442 Phase 5 will build on capabilities provided under earlier phases of the SEA1442 Program to deliver improved communications capability, primarily to existing RAN platforms, based on common architectures and standardised systems.

NIWB has identified the need to conduct an extensive risk reduction activity that will involve coordination of effort of a number of other projects sponsored by NIWB; Navy Platforms and Programs; and, deployed elements of Army. The risk reduction activity will be conducted as a minor project from within NIWB.

NIWB has requested SEA1442 Phase 5 contract the services of a Project Manager specifically to manage all requirements of the minor project from initiation to finalisation. The successful candidate will need to engage in high level consultation with both internal and external stakeholders, while managing a heavy workload to ensure that work is achieved within the aggressive timeframes assigned.

The work will involve managing multiple stakeholders simultaneously to ensure outcomes are achieved whilst also providing timely analytical and written input to various trial documents in parallel and in a compressed timeframe.

The successful candidate will work within a team of 6 to deliver key outcomes within set time frames. The team although relatively small is extremely high performing, work well together and are readily adaptive of changes brought about by Head of Navy Capability.


This Statement of Work (SOW) details the Skills, Knowledge and Experience required to complete the work phases and the associated deliverables for the NIW’s project.

The position will be responsible for the scope of activities required to undertake, or provide input to, the finalisation of the project within a set time frame. The scope activities includes but is not limited to:

  1. a) Identify and remain engaged with Stakeholders;
  2. b) Develop an Initial Activity Plan with any assumptions used and an associated draft high level schedule;
  3. Coordinate the development of a Test Plan(s) in consultation with NIWB and Royal Australian Navy Test and Evaluation Agency (RANTEA);
  4. Manage Test Plan approval;
  5. Coordinate the development of Test Procedures in consultation with NIWB and RANTEA;
  6. Manage Test Procedure approval;
  7. Manage iBTN / MTWAN integration (limited to the functionality required for the trial);
  8. Liaise with the various Engineering Authorities to raise Engineering Change Proposals for trial equipment fits on RAN platforms;
  9. Liaise with the various Engineering Authorities to raise Engineering Change Proposals for trial equipment to be integrated into existing Army systems;
  10. Sponsor Engineering Change Proposals through to SG2 approval with applicable platform capability managers;
  11. Inject test events into serials within Force Generation programs for both Navy and Army;
  12. Coordinate equipment delivery and installation onto RAN platforms and also to Army Units;
  13. Coordinate training for ship’s staff and Army Units in the use of the trial equipment and with the requirements of the Test Procedures;
  14. Confirm the appointment of a Test Director and Test Leads;
  15. Confirm the appointment of Test Leads for platforms not covered by the Test Director, and for the Army Units ashore;
  16. Arrange for the briefing of Test Director(s) and Test Lead(s);
  17. Collate marked up Test Procedures from the Test Director(s) and Test Lead(s);
  18. Compile marked up Test Procedures into a single Test Report in consultation with NIWB and RANTEA;
  19. Coordinate the return of trial equipment from the RAN platforms and Army Units; and
  20. Provide an activity closure report including Lessons Learnt both within the trial and within the trial planning and mop-up stages.

Some aspects of the scope will need to run in parallel as the activities are interdependent.


The primary deliverable of the contract is the completion of all elements of the minor project to NIWB’s satisfaction.

The contractor shall provide a monthly report, at the end of each calendar month, detailing progress with the planning and implementation of the project; issues encountered and; risks identified, etc.

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